District 9

I just watched District 9. I enjoyed it, though I think I’d be a bit pissed off with it if I was a scientist or doctor. They’re portrayed as being unremittingly unethical in the way they treat the  aliens & the main character  (Wikus Van De Merwe) after he catches alien cooties.

There are a lot of plot holes if you really want to find them, such as: Even if the alien-built weapons have DNA-triggered safety locks on them, the humans should be able to learn one hell of a lot just by studying them and trying to build versions without the safety locks. If the aliens can build alien-tech weapons out of human garbage without access to alien-tech manufacturing facilities they can’t be that difficult to reproduce. Why did the alien leadership caste hide amongst the alien workers, it would make more sense step forward and negotiate with the humans for better conditions. After all they did have a million aliens with alien-tech to back them up, it’s not as if they had a weak negotiating  position. Shapechanging through DNA rewriting (to make it worse the liquid that causes it is primarily intended to be fuel for their spaceship. It’s like a man getting accidentally splashed by jetfuel and turning into a frog). However District 9 is hardly alone is having these sorts of problems.

UPDATE: changed the structure a bit, no changes to the points made.

UPDATE2: Apparently some of the aliens develop leadership characteristics over time, so when they first arrives there were no surviving leaders but one of them starts to slowly develop them.


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