Northumbria Police win gold.

Inspector Gadget hits the target on this:

Hayley Adamson is dead but Northumbria wins Gold!

The inevitable result of selecting “managers” based on how well they can parrot the latest politically correct catchphrases and not on whether they actually know the job and can actually provide leadership.

UPDATE: This comment by Ray Warren is good as well:

“…As a MOP I obtain considerable comfort from the knowledge that there are a few people in the public sector with INTEGRITY.

Gadget, Bloggs and others show that standards in public life aren’t to do with ‘process’ or ’systems’. It is the quality of the individuals given authority to act on behalf of the public that matters.

Representing the public and taking decisions and making judgements, on the spot and in the heat of the moment isn’t something that can be turned into a computer program or procedure…”


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